1 Love 4 Sophie Gamand


Sophie Gamand has done more to change the public's perception of bully breeds than any other dog photographer working today. Walk through any municipal shelter and you will see row after row of unwanted and discarded Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes. Young dogs with sweet temperaments that have done nothing wrong. These are the dogs Sophie photographs and promotes and helps to find homes. She adds glamour and panache to hide the pain and desperation. Sophie uses her art to save lives. Volunteer at your local shelter. Take a Pit Bull for walk. 

1 Love 4 our historic puppy mill show at the Smithsonian's Oprah Exhibit


1 Love 4 Animals' founder Bill Smith would like to thank Oprah Winfrey and the Smithsonian Institute for including our puppy mill show in Oprah's exhibit at the African American Museum in Washington DC. In February of 2008, Smith placed a billboard four blocks from Harpo Studios asking Oprah to do a show on puppy mills. The television icon saw the billboard on her way to work which prompted our undercover investigation with Lisa Ling. Our appearances on Oprah were eventually seen by 49 million people around the world. After the program aired, adoptions spiked in shelters across the country, hundreds of puppy mills closed, and new laws protecting dogs in commercial kennels passed in over two dozen states. The Smithsonian's Oprah Exhibit is worth the trip!