1 Love 4 Animals Thanks Ali MacGraw and All Our Guests 


For Attending Our November 13th Event at Terrain in Devon Last Year

1 Love 4 Animals' Dogs Played in this Year's Dog Bowl on Animal Planet 

Three of 1 Love 4 Animals' dogs were asked to be part of this year's Dog Bowl. Bella the Great Dane (came to our rescue to recover from surgery performed in FL and paid for by Miami-based rescuer Yolanda Berkowitz, now living large in CT), Reggie (drafted from Animal Control in East Harlem), and Gizmo (once on the "Urgent" list in an overcrowded Big City Shelter, now scoring touchdowns in his home in Bryn Mawr). Our dogs and dozens of other rescue dogs on Animal Planet's Dog Bowl played on Sat. Feb.2nd @ 8:00 pm and again on Super Bowl Sunday. Dog Bowl was celebrated animal advocate Jill Rappaport's answer to Animal Planet's wildly popular Puppy Bowl.