Will and Grace

Blindness and Stillborn Puppies. 

We need help covering Will & Grace's medical care!  Will was pulled from a high-kill shelter by our rescue, 1 Love 4 Animals. Our volunteers rescued Grace from a puppy mill in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


"She's throwing dead puppies!" said Farmer Stoltzfus, the day our volunteer picked up Grace the Bulldog. Three days later and hours before her spay appointment, this sweet dog gave birth to another stillborn puppy. Fearing Pyometra, Mastitis and other complications, 1 Love rushed Grace to Penn Vet where she underwent an ultrasound, antibiotics to lower her fever and fight infection, and surgery the following day. Two weeks later she was back in the operating room with a twisted intestine and a bellyful of fluid. As Grace recovers from her surgeries, far from the puppy mill and the bad men who exploited her tired, worn-out body for profit, 1 Love is trying to raise the money to cover the cost of her medical care. 

Will was on the "Urgent List" at a Big-City Animal Control Facility. He was passed-over by adopters and other rescues because he appeared to be blind. A thick green crust covered his eyes making it impossible for him to close his eyes or blink. So impressed by this little dog's bravery and sweetness, considering how much pain/discomfort he was experiencing, we agreed to take him into our rescue. Soon our vets were examining Will's damaged eyes and providing the necessary medications. Will has a long road ahead (costly treatments and pain management) but we're hoping to bring his sight back. We want him to see how much his new family loves him (once he finds a home).   

Amount we hope to raise on GoFundMe for both Will & Grace's medical care: $12,500.