Antigua and Barbuda

1 Love 4 Animals' volunteers were in Antigua and Barbuda this week to deliver supplies, meet with the local shelter director and veterinarians to discuss what we can do to help the animals on these islands. Barbuda received the brunt of Hurricane Irma and is virtually uninhabitable - all that remains are the animals. The local Humane Society is trying to reunite families forced to leave Barbuda with the pets they were forced to leave behind but circumstances have made that difficult. There is one ferry and several smaller boats making the daily 2 hour trip from Antigua to Barbuda and seats on these vessels are hard to come by; reserved for construction workers and families desperate to salvage what is left of their homes and businesses. A pilot told our volunteers it was difficult to land on the island because of the number of dogs on the runway. Dogs wait by the docks for boats arriving with food. Unaltered male and female dogs run loose on the island. 1 Love 4 Animals volunteer Cathy Capone brought a small pregnant dog back with her on Thursday. 

Through the contacts we made this week we will do whatever we need to do to help the animals on both Antigua and Barbuda. Whether it's transporting dogs not reclaimed by their families off the islands, or setting up a long term spay/neuter initiative with local vets. What they need immediately are worming tablets and flea/tick repellent. After the hurricane hit many of the dogs and cats on Barbuda were forced to eat the dead animals left in the wake of Irma which caused these animals to have substantial parasite infestations. Cathy also described dogs with heads and faces covered with green ticks and eyes infected by contaminated flood waters. 

1 Love 4 Animals understands help is needed not only in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster by in the hard months that follow when families must decide if it is possible to keep their pets without homes or jobs. 1 Love 4 Animals will be there to help these animals. If you would like to help cover the cost of badly needed supplies, please make a donation today. 1 Love 4 Animals has no salaried employees at this time so all money collected will directly impact the lives of animals on these islands. We are also creating a program called "Pair-adise" whereby a donation of $200 will spay/neuter a pair of animals - one dog or cat on Barbuda and Antigua and one dog or cat right here in the Delaware Valley.