We are donating food for pets belonging to furloughed federal government employees.


Families facing financial hardship often find it difficult to care for their pets. These animals are at greater risk of losing their homes and being surrendered to shelters.

Today, our volunteers collected 3 tons of dog and cat food and distributed the bags and cans to furloughed TSA members at the Philadelphia Airport. Let's all work together to keep dogs and cats with their families during the shutdown.

If you would like to donate food for pets belonging to furloughed government employees, please email 1 Love at BillSmith4Animals@gmail.com. If you know furloughed government employees struggling to care for their pets, please email us at BillSmith4Animals@gmail.com and we will try to help them. If you would like to make a donation to help us buy pet food at cost, please click DONATE on this page.

We encourage other animal rescues and shelters with food banks in other states to assist furloughed government employees' pets in their communities.

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Why you should support 1 Love 4 Animals. 

Our rescue operations are organized by individuals with over twenty years experience. We have saved thousands of lives when others felt those lives were not worth saving. Because we believe every animal deserves a chance for a better life. We pull (from high kill shelters), and pull for, the underdog. 1 Love 4 Animals doesn't waste donors' money on high salaries or outdated programming. Our innovative advocacy and humane education campaigns attack the sources of animal cruelty (puppy mills and dog fighting) and elevate the human/animal bond (pet therapy and school visits). We drive that extra mile (to check the home of a potential adopter), climb insurmountable obstacles (rehabbing dogs recovering from life-saving surgeries), and 1 Love 4 Animals is more than just a fair-weather friend (airlifting hundreds of dogs and cats from hurricanes devastation). Why should you support 1 Love 4 Animals? Because no one does quite what we do and every dollar raised will improve and transform the life of an at-risk animal in your community. 

Please make a tax-deductible contribution online, or send a check. All donations are greatly appreciated. Your faith in 1 Love 4 Animals spurs our efforts; a monetary gift will help us reach our goals.



1 Love 4 Animals is partnering with ElderNet to provide seniors and impoverished families with free dog and cat food to keep pets in homes and out of shelters. 


Hurricane Relief

It's once again hurricane season and 1 Love 4 Animals is preparing to help animals displaced by these natural disasters. Support our efforts. 


Loving Homes

A donation to 1 Love 4 Animals will help defray the cost of temporarily housing our animals until we can place them in loving homes. Additional expenses: Spaying or neutering, vaccines. grooming, and basic vet care.


Puppy Mills

Support our efforts on behalf of dogs imprisoned in our nations' puppy mills through our advocacy campaigns, or provide medical care for puppy mill survivors.

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