1 Love 4 Deb


In 2002, a very special woman recovering from breast cancer showed up one day and began volunteering. In the years since, Deb has adopted and fostered and trained and bathed and walked and laughed and cried over more dogs than we can remember. She recently opened her home and heart to this little senior poodle pulled from the urgent list of Brooklyn’s Animal Control. We have a few fosters who consistently step up and give an elderly dog or cat a comfortable retirement. God bless them.

0ur Baby New Years are ready to face 2019!


The puppies pictured here were born five days after their mother was transferred to 1 Love 4 Animals from ACCT. The dog we named "Mary" was found living on the streets by a Good Samaritan and brought to Philadelphia's Animal Control. Imagine our surprise when we discovered Mary (probably between 10-12 years of age) was pregnant. Despite the obvious concerns (How old will Mary be when they graduate high school? Will she be able to afford daycare on social security?) our volunteers celebrated the birth(s) as a Christmas Miracle!


Miracles happen all the time at 1 Love 4 Animals, because our adopters, volunteers, and donors make the impossible possible every day. We want to thank everyone for helping 1 Love achieve so much on behalf of at-risk animals in 2018. If you'd like to support our Animeals Program, bring a military dog back from Afghanistan, contribute to our veterinary expenses (for Mary and the kids), your donation will not only be greatly appreciated but tax-deductible.  

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2019

from your friends at 1 Love 4 Animals. 

From East Harlem With Love

1 Love 4 Animals has just loaded our Subaru with dogs and one cat from East Harlem Animal Control. 1 Love’s Dick, Marilyn and Bill agreed to pull ten animals from this overcrowded big city shelter on Christmas Day. If you live in NYC we urge you to check out the pets waiting for homes at AC&C.

Thank you AC&C staff for giving us ten amazing presents this year!!

1 Love 4 Animals Helps an Elf


Elf is a 3 lbs. Chihuahua who left Penn Vet this week with a clean bill of health and chance to see the next 15 New Years. 1 Love pulled Elf from the "Urgent" list of a Big City animal control facility. A life-threatening infection caused Elf to rapidly lose weight. Dehydrated, malnourished, incoherent, muscle spasms, Elf made an odds-defying recovery thanks to the doctors, nurses, and staff of Matthew J. Ryan.

It was a Christmas Miracle. Now we need another miracle: Help covering his medical expenses. Penn provides us generous discounts but Elf's progress was charted in daily charges/expenses and 1 Love needs to raise the funds to pay the balance. 

Please make a donation to 1 Love 4 Animals this Christmas and help an Elf.

Vineyard Bound


Ten more dogs on their way to homes on Martha’s Vineyard! 1 Love volunteers work with AHAW’s Leslie Hurd and her partner, Lynne. Thank you Sugartown Vet, Ludwig’s Corner Vet, and Middletown Veterinary Hospital for helping 1 Love spay and neuter all the dogs before sending them off to their new homes on the Vineyard.