1 Love 4 Animals Helps an Elf


Elf is a 3 lbs. Chihuahua who left Penn Vet this week with a clean bill of health and chance to see the next 15 New Years. 1 Love pulled Elf from the "Urgent" list of a Big City animal control facility. A life-threatening infection caused Elf to rapidly lose weight. Dehydrated, malnourished, incoherent, muscle spasms, Elf made an odds-defying recovery thanks to the doctors, nurses, and staff of Matthew J. Ryan.

It was a Christmas Miracle. Now we need another miracle: Help covering his medical expenses. Penn provides us generous discounts but Elf's progress was charted in daily charges/expenses and 1 Love needs to raise the funds to pay the balance. 

Please make a donation to 1 Love 4 Animals this Christmas and help an Elf.

Vineyard Bound


Ten more dogs on their way to homes on Martha’s Vineyard! 1 Love volunteers work with AHAW’s Leslie Hurd and her partner, Lynne. Thank you Sugartown Vet, Ludwig’s Corner Vet, and Middletown Veterinary Hospital for helping 1 Love spay and neuter all the dogs before sending them off to their new homes on the Vineyard.

In Loving Memory of Amadeus


Twelve years ago, an incredible dog named "Amadeus" came into my rescue. Jodi heard about the dog and facilitated his transfer to MLAR from a shelter in Berks County. Amadeus was frightened and wary of men but there was something really extraordinary about him. I wanted him to like me so I took him into a fenced field, covered with snow, and let him off lead. After about 15 minutes of watching me from a far corner, Amadeus made a beeline to where I was sitting and unexpectedly jumped into my lap. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the warmth of his body and the beating of his heart. For years I joked that after I died I wanted this photo to be on my coffin at my funeral. You can't see my weak jawline or my belly, but what you can see is how lucky I have been in my life to know the animals I've known, and the wonderful people I've met - like Liz and her ex-husband who adopted this amazing dog and gave him twelve years of unconditional love and his best life. Please don't ever think for one moment I don't remember every single dog, cat, horse and rabbit, I've placed in my twenty years of rescue. They have given me so much more than I could ever give them. Today, Liz has made the difficult decision to let Amadeus go. His body is giving out and it's time to say good-bye. Let's send Liz and her husband all our good thoughts today. And Amadeus, I still feel your beating heart. Always will. I'd like everyone reading this to hug your pets today, feel their hearts beat, and know it's for you.

1 Love 4 Sophie Gamand


Sophie Gamand has done more to change the public's perception of bully breeds than any other dog photographer working today. Walk through any municipal shelter and you will see row after row of unwanted and discarded Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes. Young dogs with sweet temperaments that have done nothing wrong. These are the dogs Sophie photographs and promotes and helps to find homes. She adds glamour and panache to hide the pain and desperation. Sophie uses her art to save lives. Volunteer at your local shelter. Take a Pit Bull for walk. 

1 Love 4 our historic puppy mill show at the Smithsonian's Oprah Exhibit


1 Love 4 Animals' founder Bill Smith would like to thank Oprah Winfrey and the Smithsonian Institute for including our puppy mill show in Oprah's exhibit at the African American Museum in Washington DC. In February of 2008, Smith placed a billboard four blocks from Harpo Studios asking Oprah to do a show on puppy mills. The television icon saw the billboard on her way to work which prompted our undercover investigation with Lisa Ling. Our appearances on Oprah were eventually seen by 49 million people around the world. After the program aired, adoptions spiked in shelters across the country, hundreds of puppy mills closed, and new laws protecting dogs in commercial kennels passed in over two dozen states. The Smithsonian's Oprah Exhibit is worth the trip!

Uptown Girl Downtown Dog


Supermodel and Super Pet Mom Christie Brinkley shown here with Chester. Christie and her daughter, Sailor, adopted Chester from Bill Smith (Founder of 1 Love) seven years ago. Jill Rappaport (formerly of Today and presently of Dog Bowl) made the introductions and the supermodel and the super cute pup have been inseparable ever since. Proving beauty is what beauty does and real beauty adopts! 

Rescue Dog Wins a Blue Ribbon


Julie was rescued from a puppy mill in Lancaster County, PA by 1 Love’s volunteers. Working with Angels Helping Animals in Martha’s Vineyard, Julie found a great home and now has four Rottie brothers and sisters. She swims in the ocean every day and just won a blue ribbon at a dog show!! We are so proud of our sweet Julia. There are millions of dogs just like Julia who just need a chance. Adopt a shelter dog (or cat) today. 

Will and Grace

Blindness and Stillborn Puppies. 

We need help covering Will & Grace's medical care!  Will was pulled from a high-kill shelter by our rescue, 1 Love 4 Animals. Our volunteers rescued Grace from a puppy mill in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


"She's throwing dead puppies!" said Farmer Stoltzfus, the day our volunteer picked up Grace the Bulldog. Three days later and hours before her spay appointment, this sweet dog gave birth to another stillborn puppy. Fearing Pyometra, Mastitis and other complications, 1 Love rushed Grace to Penn Vet where she underwent an ultrasound, antibiotics to lower her fever and fight infection, and surgery the following day. Two weeks later she was back in the operating room with a twisted intestine and a bellyful of fluid. As Grace recovers from her surgeries, far from the puppy mill and the bad men who exploited her tired, worn-out body for profit, 1 Love is trying to raise the money to cover the cost of her medical care. 

Will was on the "Urgent List" at a Big-City Animal Control Facility. He was passed-over by adopters and other rescues because he appeared to be blind. A thick green crust covered his eyes making it impossible for him to close his eyes or blink. So impressed by this little dog's bravery and sweetness, considering how much pain/discomfort he was experiencing, we agreed to take him into our rescue. Soon our vets were examining Will's damaged eyes and providing the necessary medications. Will has a long road ahead (costly treatments and pain management) but we're hoping to bring his sight back. We want him to see how much his new family loves him (once he finds a home).   

Amount we hope to raise on GoFundMe for both Will & Grace's medical care: $12,500.